April 16, 2016

MECET expedition in Salalah Oman – Part 2: Tawi Ateer sinkhole

In May 2013, 5 cavers explored 3 caves in the Salalah region of Oman. One of these caves is the famous: Tawi Ateer sinkhole.

Tawi Ateer sinkhole, which means the Bird Well, is one of the largest sinkholes of the world. The cave is located is in the Dhofar region of Salalah.

Tawi Ateer cave is comprised of a 200 meter sinkhole, and 2 underground lakes connected by a small tunnel.

Tawi Ateer Map
Tawi Ateer Map

We managed to hike almost half way down into the sinkhole, where the government has built a water station platform to haul water. This was our rigging point.

We descended 70 meters to the bottom of the sinkhole and scrambled our way down to the first underground lake…

The video below depicts the beauty of the Tawi Ateer sinkhole.

Viewer discretion is advised. There are scenes of 2 hot cavemen wrestling with the mud!!! 

Hope you enjoy it.





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