I survived a Deadly Viper bite – update

Viper bite

Back in November 2015, I survived a deadly viper bite. A battle I miraculously won after spending 3 nights in intensive care, hanging onto life by a thin thread. The venomous snake took me by surprise, yes, me out of all people, was caught off-guard by this little marvelous creature. It was a little baby […]

P for Pilates; M for Miriam = Pilates with Miriam Vadillo

Pilates with Miriam

THE PILATES PLOT: Yes I tried Pilates, and I enjoyed it. Pilates, in my books, was this amazing idea I knew can benefit me a lot, but I didn’t really want to get into it because it lacks the adrenaline dose I always ask for. This perception changed when Miriam gave me some lessons. Allow […]

Adel & Wadi Bih Race

Adel Nehme running

The motive: I wrote this story about Adel Nehme, because he has inspired me with his attitude towards running, his dedication to get better at it and his great performance during Wadi Bih Race 50km solo race. The buildup: Not long ago, I met Adel due to mutual interest (sports of course) and we became […]

Inspirational Dubai Marathon 2017

Ghaith & Kasim

The following motivational story is not about me, knowing I was part of it. This story is about 2 very special friends of mine, who blew my mind away when they attempted and finished the Dubai Marathon 2017 without any excuse! I received a call from Ghaith telling me he’s registered for Dubai Marathon 2017 […]

Viper Snake Bite in Khasab

A large viper

Read the latest VIPER SNAKE UPDATES I have no glorious story to tell here, I was simply bitten by a viper snake in Khasab Oman and I survived to tell the tale. Friday evening, after a good day of rock climbing in Khasab, I joined my friends at one of the secluded beaches nearby to […]

Jabal Kawr – A Touching Adventure

It all started in November 2012 when a group of 4 hikers (including myself) met an old man, with very dark and dry skin wearing an old long jacket, high up in one of Oman’s tallest mountains Jabal Kawr. Jabal Kawr sits at 2,700 m and was the home to this mysterious man. Although this man lived all […]