Jebel Mleiha Hike – Fossil Rock

Jebel Mleiha Hike - Fossil Rock

UPDATE SEPTEMBER 2021: MLEIHA MOUNTAIN HAS BEEN CLOSED OFF FOR TOURISTS. IT IS BEING TURNED INTO A PAID FEE. Some might not like this, but I believe making it paid will reduce the traffic and potential accidents. In addition, it will support the conservation efforts of the area and developing it further. AND WE WILL […]

Rabi Tower – The infamous hike of Khorfakkan

Rabi Tower

Rabi Tower hike was one of those places I never wanted to visit. It is simple if my social media feed is abducted by a place, I simply choose not to be there since it means one thing: the mass crowd. But life had different plans for me. My family and I were camping nearby […]

Shawka Pools

Shawka Pools

I first visited Shawka Pools back in 2014, when my local friend took us to this beautiful place. We were dune bashing not far away from Shawka when Hassan suggested to take us for a quick dip to clean off the sand. I was scepticale about what I heard, but curious to know about it. […]

Wadi Shawka Route

Wadi Shawka Route

I finally managed to hike Wadi Shawka route. For some reason this route was never appealing to me. But recently, I decided with my pregnant wife to explore this route based on its reputation for being easy with beautiful views. And to my surprise, I actually did like Wadi Shawka route. I liked what they […]

Wadi Ghalilah Hike

wadi Ghalilah hike

Wadi Ghalila is situated in UAE’s Northern mountains, in the heart of Jebel Jais, part the infamous outdoor playground Ras Al Khaima. The Wadi Ghalila hike is relatively new path, that links the bottom of the valley to the upper part of Jebel Jais. The Path: I have never finished the hike of Wadi Ghalilah […]

Wadi Shab

Wadi Shab

Wadi Shab is pretty much the most famous canyon in Oman. It is the go-to, and the must visit canyon of Oman. Whether you are a thrill seeker, casual adventurer or just wana chill in a cool place, this canyon is for you. And the best part of it, it is a great place to […]

Omalo to Shatili Trek – Georgia

Omalo to Shatili trekking in Georgia Toufic Abou Nader

Omalo to Shatili trek is probably the best trek I have done in Georgia. The donkey paths connect the old traditional villages which played an important historical role in the face of enemies. The scenery consists primarily of massive valleys split with a big river, mountains, and old villages with interesting stone architecture surrounded by […]

Wadi Naqab Hike

wadi naqab ras al khaima jabal jais toufic abou nader

Wadi Naqab is another must-do hike in the UAE. This intermediate beautiful hike is known for the village on top of the mountain. The Path: The starting section of Wadi Naqab is a graveled road that goes along the Wadi (canyon) bed. This section goes for about 2km* of a relatively easy horizontal path (*this […]