10 must-knows about the world’s deepest cave Krubera Voronya

Voronya Krubera - Pic cred: Gergely Ambrus

ONE: The first thing you need to know about Krubera Voronya, it no longer holds the title of the deepest cave. BUMMER! Now I have to change all the titles of my stories. It lost the title to its neighboring cave Veryovkina cave when team Perovo-speleo (led by Pavel Demidov and Ilya Turbanov) managed to […]

Top 5 caves I explored in Oman

Majlis Al Jinn, Salmah Plateau, Oman on January 20, 2012. Christopher Pike

“Wait, what! There are caves in Oman?”, this is the reaction I often get when I tell someone I explore caves in Oman. Followed by “but it is a desert”…  Oman has one of the oldest mountain ranges in the world, rich in its geological history dating back for more than 600 million years. This […]

I survived a Deadly Viper bite – update

Viper bite

Back in November 2015, I survived a deadly viper bite. A battle I miraculously won after spending 3 nights in intensive care, hanging onto life by a thin thread. The venomous snake took me by surprise, yes, me out of all people, was caught off-guard by this little marvelous creature. It was a little baby […]