Jebel Mleiha Hike – Fossil Rock

Jebel Mleiha Hike - Fossil Rock

UPDATE SEPTEMBER 2021: MLEIHA MOUNTAIN HAS BEEN CLOSED OFF FOR TOURISTS. IT IS BEING TURNED INTO A PAID FEE. Some might not like this, but I believe making it paid will reduce the traffic and potential accidents. In addition, it will support the conservation efforts of the area and developing it further. AND WE WILL […]

Outdoor Gear Care

Outdoor gear care

When it comes to outdoor gear care, there is no size fit all… there are many variables that will shorten your gear’s life span, and these variables are too impacted by many factors such as: The type of gear you have The year they were manufactured The manufacturing material The place you store them in […]

Rabi Tower – The infamous hike of Khorfakkan

Rabi Tower

Rabi Tower hike was one of those places I never wanted to visit. It is simple if my social media feed is abducted by a place, I simply choose not to be there since it means one thing: the mass crowd. But life had different plans for me. My family and I were camping nearby […]