Hiking in a group or alone, fast or slow? Wrong or Right?


Hiking in a group or alone? Hiking fast or slow? What is right and what is wrong? Let me break it up to you, there is no right or wrong when it comes to hiking as long as you are not harming anyone else, being a liability, or leaving trash behind. Other than these, do […]

10 must-knows about the world’s deepest cave Krubera Voronya

Voronya Krubera - Pic cred: Gergely Ambrus

ONE: The first thing you need to know about Krubera Voronya, it no longer holds the title of the deepest cave. BUMMER! Now I have to change all the titles of my stories. It lost the title to its neighboring cave Veryovkina cave when team Perovo-speleo (led by Pavel Demidov and Ilya Turbanov) managed to […]

Top 5 caves I explored in Oman

Majlis Al Jinn, Salmah Plateau, Oman on January 20, 2012. Christopher Pike

“Wait, what! There are caves in Oman?”, this is the reaction I often get when I tell someone I explore caves in Oman. Followed by “but it is a desert”…  Oman has one of the oldest mountain ranges in the world, rich in its geological history dating back for more than 600 million years. This […]

I survived a Deadly Viper bite – update

Viper bite

Back in November 2015, I survived a deadly viper bite. A battle I miraculously won after spending 3 nights in intensive care, hanging onto life by a thin thread. The venomous snake took me by surprise, yes, me out of all people, was caught off-guard by this little marvelous creature. It was a little baby […]

3 wise tricks to do during the Lock-Down

A pic of a map, to show that I know how to read maps

Great, you are here now, that means you are ready to find out the breakthrough of the century. BEHOLD! I am about to dump some wisdom on you that will blow your mind… Do you feel it? did you feel the wisdom? Well, of course not! I have no wisdom nor a breakthrough to hand […]

Shawka Pools

Shawka Pools

I first visited Shawka Pools back in 2014, when my local friend took us to this beautiful place. We were dune bashing not far away from Shawka when Hassan suggested to take us for a quick dip to clean off the sand. I was scepticale about what I heard, but curious to know about it. […]