September 12, 2017

Wadi Bani Auf Via Ferrata

This amazing Via Ferrata is located in Wadi Bani Auf in Sultanate Oman, just on top of the famous Snake Canyon Gorge.

It is famous for its scenery swaying from one side of the wadi to another, with the beautiful lakes of Snake Canyon ~150m underneath you.

The route takes you from one wall to another via cool zip-lines, and gains altitude on the walls via cool steps and climbs.

Shut down:

Unfortunately this Via Ferrata was officially shut down around 2012 for lack of maintenance and its dangerous state.

The current state is in very bad shape, I strongly advise not trying it no matter how cool you think you are. And if you have any technical background, this is the Via Ferrata that you don’t want to lose your life because of corroded and loose bolts and hangers.

Last I heard, the government has removed the first and last zip-lines to ban access and avoid accidents.

Alternative Via Ferrata routes in UAE & Oman:

Alternatively, there are few via ferratas in the region:

  1. The famous Jabal Shams Via Ferrata – easy and fun to do after a beautiful hike.
  2. & the newest of all, the Jabal Akhdar Alila Via Ferrata – I haven’t tried it yet, but the pictures look awesome.
  3. Ras Al Khaima – I haven’t tried it either, but I have been up there on the route climbing. The route is nice, especially the long zip-line, however it is AED 400 (bit above $100) which is expensive to my liking.

Safety and Recommendations:

Via Ferrata is a protected route (mix of horizontal and vertical), with ladders, steel cables and other protection aids. It started as a drill and way of transportation for the Italian Army in the Alps. Then evolved to become a form of climbing.

There is serious fun involved in Via Ferratas, but there is also serious risks if precautions are neglected.

If you are not experience in ropes and climbing, don’t attempt any route on your own. Hire guides who can make your life a lot easier and keep you safe.

To do any via ferrata, you require a set of gear specifically costume made for these paths. So do not attempt to replicate  the gear as they will NOT protect you. I will not get technical here, but if you would like to have more understanding on its technicalities, drop me a line and I am happy to explain the math ans science behind it.

Have fun and be safe, there is a lot more in the world to see.





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