Dibba, the hidden gem for DWS

Dibba Musandam DWS Climbing

If you think it is too warm to be in the outdoors, then you “know nothing Jon Snow”. The time of the year has come when climbers start organizing (noncommercial, because we are cool) weekend DWS trips to Dibba Musandam DWS Oman. I can easily argue Dibba is one of the top locations for DWS. […]

Omalo to Shatili Trek – Georgia

Omalo to Shatili trekking in Georgia Toufic Abou Nader

Omalo to Shatili trek is probably the best trek I have done in Georgia. The donkey paths connect the old traditional villages which played an important historical role in the face of enemies. The scenery consists primarily of massive valleys split with a big river, mountains, and old villages with interesting stone architecture surrounded by […]

Wadi Naqab Hike

wadi naqab ras al khaima jabal jais toufic abou nader

Wadi Naqab is another must-do hike in the UAE. This intermediate beautiful hike is known for the village on top of the mountain. The Path: The starting section of Wadi Naqab is a graveled road that goes along the Wadi (canyon) bed. This section goes for about 2km* of a relatively easy horizontal path (*this […]

Jabal Shams Via Ferrata

Jabal Shams Via Ferrata

Another famous Via Ferrata in Oman is located at Jabal Shams (Sun’s mountain) at the end of the breathtaking As Sab W6 Balcony Hike. The Path: Jabal Shams Via Ferrata starts just above the As Sab old abandoned village, close to the lake. Most of the route is vertical split by a horizontal section just […]

As Sab W6 Balcony hike

As Sab W6 Balcony hike

As Sab W6 balcony hike (also know as Oman Balcony hike) is yet one of the most scenic and famous hikes of Oman. It is for all levels and kids friendly (with adult companions). I recommend doing Jabel Shams Summit hike if you want a longer and more challenging version of this hike. The Path: The […]

Jabel Shams Summit hike

jabel shams hike

Jabel Shams is the highest mountain in Oman with an altitude of 3,028 m. This hike is also known as W4 route and Rim walk to the summit. The hike is relatively moderate, includes some serious jaw-dropping scenery, strong winds and occasionally subzero temperature with snow. Though the real summit is where the military base […]

Snake Canyon Oman

Snake Canyon Oman

Snake Canyon is probably one of the few canyons in Oman that will kick your butt with adventure, increase your heart beats and give you a dose of adrenaline but considered on the easier side of the canyons chart. Hey! I said easier, doesn’t mean it is easy and you have to underestimate it. There […]


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