Nepal Earthquake 2015 – Nepal, one of the places I was looking forward to experience some adventurous mountaineering and climbing. But, the unexpected earthquake changed my plans.
Without any hesitation, I teamed up with Smile 4 Hope organization and flew to Nepal. The plan was simple, scout the area in which S4H operates and put an action plan to help the local community.

I have captured few shots during my visit that do the situation no justice.

Gallery 1: The destruction

No, not a Hollywood movie. Hard to believe, but this is real.

Gallery 2: The melancholy

Sad faces everywhere!!

People who lost family members, friends, neighbors… countless of horror stories and tears shed in despair.

Gallery 3: The temp situation

Many people took shelter in open spaces regardless whether the houses were affected. The fear forced them to take the essentials and refuge to temporary shelters.

Gallery 4: One resilient nation

Despite everything, the urge of living and surviving kicked in. Many have refused to wait for help and started on their own.

Gallery 5: Humanity is not lost

One act of kindness a time, slowly restores humanity.

With mixed emotions I left Nepal… Reality is, Nepal is in need of help.

Anyone can make a difference.

Follow and support Smile 4 Hope with their immediate help and rebuilding efforts if you wish to contribute.
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