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As an explorer, I like to get to places few people have ever been to, or even none. These are the places that are hard to get to, and mostly due to their challenging nature.

Below are the sports that helped me explore these places:

I hope my drive of exploration trigger yours.

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Here’s the latest posts:

10 must-knows about the world’s deepest cave Krubera Voronya

ONE: The first thing you need to know about Krubera Voronya, it no longer holds the title of the deepest cave. BUMMER! Now I have to change all the titles of my stories. It lost the title to its neighboring cave Veryovkina cave when team Perovo-speleo (led by Pavel [...]

Shawka Pools

I first visited Shawka Pools back in 2014, when my local friend took us to this beautiful place. We were dune bashing not far away from Shawka when Hassan suggested to take us for a quick dip to clean off the sand. I was scepticale about what I heard, [...]

Wadi Damm

What to find in this blog: In this blog post about Wadi Damm located in Oman, I feature the following content: Route options you can explore along with their descriptions (Upper Wadi Damm and Lower Wadi Damm) Images of the routes 2 short clips and 1 long video [...]

Wadi Saada

Wadi Saada is unique to its constant flowing water. It is also part of the infamous Wadi Al Muaiden, known for its dam where picnic goers gather. Don’t let this non-technical canyon deceive you for being an easy one. Wadi Saada should be taken seriously amongst the medium to [...]


Hiking denotes a different activity in different places. For example, in North America, it refers to walking long distances on marked paths in nature. In other regions, such as the Middle East, it suggests going on a hike of any duration. Usually lasting for a full day, hiking involves [...]


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