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26 05, 2018

Jabel Shams Summit hike

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Jabel Shams Summit hike: Jabel Shams is the highest mountain in Oman with an altitude of 3,028 m. This hike is also known as W4 route and Rim walk to summit. The hike is relatively moderate, includes some serious jaw-dropping scenery, strong winds and occasionally subzero temperature with [...]

29 04, 2018


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Scuba Diving: It is underwater exploration, the sport of swimming underwater with the SCUBA (Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus) gear Scuba diving is one of the least body impact sports, however it could be fatal if its rules are not respected. I do it cause I can blog [...]

29 04, 2018


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Alpine climbing: Alpine climbing is similar to mountaineering, but it's done in a faster and lighter manner. In addition to having a high level of fitness, the climber must pack the bare minimum of equipment to attempt a faster climb than the one usually planned in mountaineering. I [...]

29 04, 2018


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Mountaineering: There is no set definition of mountaineering. The most common use of the word refers to mountain climbing that might include (but not limited to) trekking, hiking, skiing, ice climbing and rock climbing. Generally speaking, it could refer to any adventure sport out there. I do it [...]

29 04, 2018


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Via Ferrata: Via Ferrata means iron path in Italian. Via Ferrata first came into existence in the Alps region to create safe paths for soldiers to cross vertical walls. These climbing routes are protected by steel cables, steel steps, and anchors. The concept of these steel cables is [...]

29 04, 2018


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Canyoning: It is an outdoor sport that includes multiple activities such as walking, climbing rocks, swimming, abseiling and jumping in the water from ledges. In most canyons, a canyoneer enters from one end of the canyon and exists from the other. This is due to the nature of [...]

29 04, 2018


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Rock Climbing: Rock climbing is an activity in which a person climbs up, down or traverses a vertical platform. There are several types of rock climbing: Gym climbing Sports climbing Traditional climbing Bouldering Deep Water Soloing (DWS) Free Soloing Top rope climbing Ice climbing Via Ferrata I do [...]