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Adel & Wadi Bih Race

By |February 8th, 2017|Inspirational Stories, Sport|

The motive: I wrote this story about Adel Nehme, because he has inspired me with his attitude towards running, his dedication to get better at it and his great performance during Wadi Bih Race 50km solo race. The buildup: Not long ago, I met Adel due to mutual interest (sports of course) and we became friends. Shortly after, Adel decided to join me in the famous [...]

Inspirational Dubai Marathon 2017

By |January 22nd, 2017|Inspirational Stories, Sport|

The following motivational story is not about me, knowing I was part of it. This story is about 2 very special friends of mine, who blew my mind away when they attempted and finished the Dubai Marathon 2017 without any excuse! I received a call from Ghaith telling me he’s registered for Dubai Marathon 2017 with Mohammed Kasim, and asked me to join them. I rejected as I do [...]

MECET expedition in Salalah Oman – Part 3: TeaPot Cave

By |May 3rd, 2016|Adventure, Caving, Oman, Sport|

In May 2013, 5 MECET cavers explored 3 caves in the Salalah region of Oman. We had the opportunity to explore a new, undocumented cave, and named it TeaPot cave. The name TeaPot cave was inspired by the features of the cave.  Its contained a network of forks, narrow passageways,  tunnels, and mazes.  This interesting cave also had many different entrances and exits. We spend approximately 3 hours exploring, each one of [...]

MECET expedition in Salalah Oman – Part 2: Tawi Ateer sinkhole

By |April 16th, 2016|Adventure, Caving, Oman, Sport|

In May 2013, 5 cavers explored 3 caves in the Salalah region of Oman. One of these caves is the famous: Tawi Ateer sinkhole. Tawi Ateer sinkhole, which means the Bird Well, is one of the largest sinkholes of the world. The cave is located is in the Dhofar region of Salalah. Tawi Ateer cave is comprised of a 200 meter sinkhole, and 2 underground lakes connected by a small tunnel. Tawi Ateer Map We managed [...]

MECET expedition in Salalah Oman – Part 1: Shaat sinkhole

By |April 10th, 2016|Adventure, Caving, Oman, Sport|

In May 2013, 5 cavers explored 3 caves in the Salalah region of Oman. One of these caves is the famous: Shaat sinkhole. The logistics behind getting to the mouth of the cave were hard and time consuming. There was a hike involved inside of a relatively hard and technical canyon in which we encountered a scorpion and a cobra. But it was a fun adventure. Shaat mouth is beautiful, we were surrounded by beautiful and [...]

Viper Snake Bite in Khasab

By |March 22nd, 2016|Adventure, Inspirational Stories, Oman|

I have no glorious story to tell here, I was simply bitten by a viper snake in Khasab Oman and I survived to tell the tale. Friday evening, after a good day of rock climbing in Khasab, I joined my friends at one of the secluded beaches nearby to set up camp. 2 serious rock climbers in Khasab Whilst I was assisting my friend setup her hammock, I [...]

Stairway to Heaven hike with a twist

By |December 26th, 2015|Adventure, Hiking, Mountain biking, Oman, Sport, UAE|

Having hiked Stairway to Heaven UAE-Oman couple of times, I wanted to add a twist to make it more challenging. So I decided to carry my mountain bike all the way up the hike and mountain bike the descent from the other side. So I did. On the 11th of December, 2015, I carried my bike (weights approx. 10 kg) through the narrow and exposed passages and staircases of Stairway to Heaven. No, [...]

Live without fear of dying

By |November 25th, 2015|Poetic Attempts|

The whole life and death thingy is so amplified, Truly speaking, you just don’t want it to be simplified. Live without judgment, you don’t need to be certified, To live for you, and not for others you have died. - Living you forgot, because in fear of death you reside, Don’t fear death itself, fear living mentally paralyzed. Live in the moment, “later” will leave you agonized, The future is [...]