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By |April 29th, 2018|Adventure, Sport|

There is no set definition of mountaineering. The most common use of the word refers to mountain climbing that might include (but not limited to) trekking, hiking, skiing, ice climbing and rock climbing. Generally speaking, it could refer to any adventure sport out there. I do it cause I can blog will use mountaineering in reference to any technical and/or strenuous mountain climbing trip. Typical Mountaineering Gear Includes [...]


By |April 29th, 2018|Adventure, Sport|

Via Ferrata means iron path in Italian. Via Ferrata first came into existence in the Alps region to create safe paths for soldiers to cross vertical walls. These climbing routes are protected by steel cables, steel steps, and anchors. The concept of these steel cables is for climbers to secure themselves using specific Via Ferrata gear as they climb. Like any other sport, via Ferrata routes are defined by [...]


By |April 29th, 2018|Adventure, Sport|

It is an outdoor sport that includes multiple activities such as walking, climbing rocks, swimming, abseiling and jumping in the water from ledges. In most canyons, a canyoneer enters from one end of the canyon and exists from the other. This is due to the nature of canyons, as you descend when you move forward. When descending on ropes is required, the team carries a rope that measures double [...]


By |April 29th, 2018|Adventure, Sport|

Rock climbing is an activity in which a person climbs up, down or traverses a vertical platform. There are several types of rock climbing: Gym climbing Sports climbing Traditional climbing Bouldering Deep Water Soloing (DWS) Free Soloing Top rope climbing Ice climbing Via Ferrata I do it cause I can blog will feature almost all of the climbing styles. Typical Rock Climbing Gear Includes (but not limited to): Each [...]


By |April 29th, 2018|Adventure, Sport|

Caving (also known as Speleo) is the activity of exploring caves. However, the majority of caves don’t have a flat terrain you can easily walk on. They often require crawling, swimming, climbing, diving and abseiling to avoid or navigate through obstacles such as big boulders, lakes, and rivers. Generally speaking, caves split into two categories: Horizontal caves: in most cases, they are the non-technical caves, meaning that they do [...]


By |April 29th, 2018|Adventure, Sport|

People often confuse trekking with hiking. Although similar, trekking always involves walking in nature through difficult terrain for several days. Along the trek's path, you usually find villages and guest houses that you can rely on for shelter, food and water. Often, trekking represents the commercial aspect of walking in nature, in which tour operators guide trekkers through long trails. I do it cause I can blog will use [...]


By |April 29th, 2018|Adventure, Sport|

Hiking denotes a different activity in different places. For example, in North America, it refers to walking long distances on marked paths in nature. In other regions, such as the Middle East, it suggests going on a hike of any duration. Usually lasting for a full day, hiking involves treading known trails with minimal planning and gear. Unlike trekking, hiking is often self-supported and non-commercial. I do it cause [...]

Caves & Cave Exploring – Speleology

By |February 13th, 2018|Adventure, Caving|

Caves are hollow spaces in the ground formed naturally by the process of weathering of rock over time (sometimes millions of years). These underground hollow spaces change in formation (speleothems) from a place to another based on the geology of the area. Some caves are horizontal while others are vertical or a mix of both. Some caves are underground, others underwater (fully submerged in water), and some have rivers [...]

20 extreme hours in arch cave & 3 windows cave – Oman

By |February 8th, 2018|Adventure, Caving, Oman, Sport|

Caves of Oman, Arch cave, 3 Windows & 7th hole 7th hole, Arch cave, 3 Windows cave, Funnel cave and Tahri cave form the largest cave system in Oman. The cave system is located on Slamah Plateau, south of Muscat. Joanna and I ventured into exploring Arch cave and 3 Windows cave, (For more info about caves and cave exploration, please visit this page) and spent 20 extreme hours [...]


By |February 5th, 2018|Adventure, Bungee jumping, Nepal, Sport|

In the following blog post about bungee jumping, I will give you 5 simple steps to apply for getting over your fear of bungee jumping. I believe everyone should feel the sensation that bungee jumping gives you. The steps are steps I often apply to my adventure and to doing new things. Enjoy! 1. DON’T BREATH Come on!!! It is no secret that to [...]